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 Sennett Middle School Staff List

Recognized as a "New Wisconsin School of Promise":

To be recognized, schools must be eligible to receive federal Title I funding and be among the highest poverty schools in the state based on free and reduced-price school lunch data. Additionally, student achievement must be above the state average for similar schools in both reading and mathematics, based on statewide assessments, and the school must have made adequate yearly progress for the past two years.

Currently, we are working as a PBS School

Positive Behavior Support is a process for creating safer and more effective schools. PBS is a systems approach to enhancing the capacity of schools to educate all children by developing research-based, school wide, and classroom discipline systems.

Our Welcome to Sennett Video! 

Sennett Middle School offers a uniquely designed program to address the developmental needs of middle schoolers. The House program is a structure that reflects a multi-age model. Our students are divided into six houses composed of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who remain with a team of teachers for three years. This type of program fosters a strong sense of community and family; one in which teacher advisors, parents, and students form a partnership focused on the academic, social, and emotional growth of students. There are 24 academic homerooms which average 25-26 students each, comprised of approximately 8 students from each grade level (6-8). The total student population is approximately 660.

Our common, school-wide, integrated, multicultural curriculum includes special emphasis on the acquisition of skills and strategies which empower students to solve the vast array of academic, social, and personal problems they encounter within and outside the school setting. Students are grouped and regrouped based upon their skill levels, needs, and interests throughout their years at Sennett. Goals for what students should know and do are clearly defined; a variety of achievement indicators are used to measure progress and success. Every student can be successful at Sennett. A family-school partnership is key to student success. Together we can ensure each student is challenged, supported, and provided with critical life skills for the future. 

Sennett's goal is to be a working model of technology. Students learn tech skills in core classes, encore classes, and in the Library Media Center. These skills are used across the curriculum for activities in locating information and developing charts, maps, graphs, research papers or multimedia presentations using a variety of technologies. We actively seek out our local and nationwide communnity partners for donations and grants for help in reaching this goal. We have many dreams and desires in this area.

We welcome you to Sennett and hope that you will find our school to be successful for your entire family.