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In April 2013, Mary Bartzen from the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools (FMPS) sought out Sennett staff because the Health & Nutrition Division at DuPont was looking for a school partnership. Dupont staff visited Sennett with Principal Clardy through the “Principal for a Day” program. After a summer meeting with Dr. Clardy and other staff members, Dupont felt connected enough to our school’s mission and vision for students that they decided to “adopt” us through the Adopt-A-School program.

Learn how one Adopt-A-School partnership between Sennett Middle School and DuPont Health and Nutrition is making a difference

This year alone they have done so much for us including:

  • donated school supplies
  • donated snacks
  • attended our community/family picnic
  • replenished school supplies
  • sponsored our Science Olympiad team
  • sent condolence flowers to support our staff in a time of grief
  • donated money to our Upham Woods scholarship fund
  • volunteered to score at our math meet
  • hosted DuPonters-For-A-Day over spring break
  • donated science supplies including student lab coats and goggles

We are so grateful to have DuPont as our Adopt-A-School partner!

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