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Welcome to the homepage of the House 5 students and staff at Sennett Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin. Our school is an urban middle school with approximately 600 students; House 5 is just one part of it. We have 4 homerooms in our "House."  In House 5, classes are taught with 7-8th graders mixed together. 

We are currently working on getting all students into good homework habits. Almost daily, we fill in and check each student's assignment notebook. Students are then assured it is correct--and parents/guardians can also be aware of what each day's assignments are.

We also use a website, House 5 HW Website, where we try and post the assignments each day, in case a student forgets his/her assignment notebook or is absent.



Jenna Quan

Jessica Devine

Lori Longhini

Mika Oriedo

Shawn Ptaszynski

Ashley Foxborn

Melea Richardson

Judi Mixtacki

Marlene Patino Quinto-BRT



House 5 Photo Gallery (pre-2005)

An old House 5 panorama photo