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Reading Staff:

Aimee Bailey

Ann Fredrick

Mackenzie Douglas


Our Encore reading classes strive to meet the reading needs of certain students. Students are most commonly referred to these programs by their elementary school or their Sennett house teachers. Placement is based on performance in core classes, assessment scores, staff observation, and parent input. Instruction is guided by the common core standards and each student’s individual data, performance, and areas of interest.

Students in our Read 180 program are taught by Ms. Douglas. This program focuses on developing decoding, comprehension, and fluency skills through the use of a Scholastic computer program, small teacher led instructional groups, and independent reading stations. Students are also developing vocabulary and gaining a basic understanding of science concepts that will be studied in their science classes this year.

Mrs. Fredrick teaches students in Lit Skills I and II classes. This program focuses on the fundamental concepts of reading, such as phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, word strategies, sight word recognition, and comprehension.

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